The Farm

Shahada stud is home of a special group of arabian horses nestled betwen sea and mountains in the beautifull country of Morocco. The Stud farm place offer an ideal weather for arabian horses all over the year and the separate stables for mares and stallions are confortable and aery with outdoor arenas.
Shahada stud consist of some 30 Straight Egyptian horses : since the 90's, we select and concentrate some of the most finest Egyptian bloodlines.
We have chosen the Egyptian lines to preserve the 'essence' of the arabian horse: type and charisma.

All our horses, mares and stallions, are carefully selected. Our focus is impeccable pedigree, exotic type, correct conformation and athletic movement.
Our broodmares band is of primary importance and the foundation of the stud. In the pedigree, we consede a special attention to the dam line because of his prepotent geneticall character. Our different selected broodmares belong to different strains. All are represented in the stud : the Slaklawi Jedran strain trought the fam and prolific Moniet El Nefous family; the rare Obeyan Um Grees strain through Marah and an affection for the Dahman Shahwan strain especially through Farida and Bukra family. We want the mares to have constant characteristics like good body and structure, athletism and powerful movement, exotism and charisma, expressive black eyes and hight tail carriage that they could be transmitted to their progeny.

The stallions of Shahada stud, Gr Monet, Imperial Bisaam, Ajmal Sahaab and Exotic Sadiiq are selected in the same important way: genotype and phenotype. Gr Monet, born in Germany, traces back to the old Koheilan Ajuz strain. Masculine! he represents the typical type of his family and he has produce excellent fondation broodmares.
Imperial Bisaam, imported from Imperial Egyptian Stud in USA, traces back to the Dahman Shahwan strain. He has made a very good job at our farm and continue to produce show champions outside...
Ajmal Sahaab, imported from Ajmal Stud in Koweit, traces back to the Dahman Shahwan strain through the famous and desired Bukra line. He represents the classic type from his 'Ansata pedigree' and he produce exceptional foals with type, enormous eyes and athetism.
The extreme stallion Exotic Sadiiq represents the new generation. He stamp his progeny and prove that he's a special type producer.

Shahada stud farm produces between two and five foals each year. We consede a special observing for the nutrition and development, the education and the weaning of the progeny.

Visitors are always welcomes by appointment and we'll be pleased to share with you our passion for the wonderful Arabian horses.